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Brief Profile of Department:

The post-graduate department of sociology, WBSU is a very small department established in the year of 2009 under the headship of Dr. Ramanuj Ganguly with the assistance of Dr. Ritu Sen Chaudhuri and MS. Antara Ray. Located in the academic building of the university, it is a department with six sanctioned faculty positions. Having four positions vacant, it presently has two faculty members comprising of an associate and an assistant professor supported by guest lecturers from other universities, colleges and research institutes. The faculty members of the department combine their commitment to research with a devotion to teaching. In the class-room teaching the students receive personal attention from their professors. The interactive teaching-learning process is supplemented by regular tutorials, group-discussions, dissertation and presentation assignments. The regular teaching is complemented by a series of conferences, seminars, workshops and special lectures where the students interact with the eminent national and inter-national scholars and havean exposure to the wider discourses of the discipline.

The department considers the students as its most valued asset. Located in a suburban area it remains open to many first-generation learners from disadvantageous rural/urban backgrounds. Initiated with only nine PG Students, at present the department has 48 students comprised of 34 M.A. and 14 Ph.D. students. The department has a small yet successful set of alumni placed in government and private colleges, schools, government organizations, non-government-organizations and corporate offices. Holding a number of under-graduate workshops and brain-storming sessions in different colleges, the department has facilitated the setting up of sociology departments in various colleges and the development of an integrated UG curriculum, pedagogic structure and examination-evaluation system.

Courses offered : M.A. (specialization: a) sociology of media b) sociology of gender); Ph.D

Faculty Members

DR. RAMANUJ GANGULY Associate Professor More
Dr. RITU SEN CHAUDHURI Assistant Professor More


Department of sociology, West Bengal State University,
Barasat, Kolkata-700126, WB, India
Fax: 033-25241977/ 033-25241978

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